Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee Jiang Yikang Researches at Jinan Iron and Steel

Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Jiang Yikang stressed in the investigation and study of the Jigang Group and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group that in accordance with the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee work conference, the leading enterprises in large enterprises should be brought into full play in transforming the mode of economic development, and the ability to independently innovate should be enhanced. Circular economy, enhance the power and vitality of enterprise development.

In Jigang Group's cold-rolled sheet production line and hot-rolled sheet production line workshop, Jiang Yikang learned about the production process in detail and visited steel workers in the production line. He enlisted the person in charge of the company, and some steel plants had high-temperature operations in their workshops. To ensure safe and stable production, they should provide workers with a good working environment and take good care of their lives. At the energy control center, the person in charge of the company introduced the gas-steam combined cycle power generation process independently developed by the Jigang Group, and Jiang Yikang fully affirmed their practice. In the ecological fisheries of Jigang, the wastewater discharged by the company can not only be reused but also cultivate a large number of ornamental fish. Jiang Yikang is very happy after watching it. He said that Jinan Steel Group has earnestly implemented the scientific concept of development and has developed a successful approach in the development of circular economy. We hope that you will continue to explore and innovate and make new contributions to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

In China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Industrial Park, Jiang Yikang highly evaluated CNHTC for relying on independent innovation, vigorously exploring the market, and rapid development of the company. He successively came to the assembly line of the Group Power Company, the exhibition hall and assembly shop of the Group Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company to learn more about the performance of the car and asked about the sales of the product. He said that the achievements made by CNHTC in recent years contend for the development of national industry. During the rapid development of the company, it is necessary to carefully analyze the market situation, continuously increase investment in science and technology research and development, attach great importance to talent, strengthen independent innovation, and pay more attention to improvement. Production process, focus on improving product quality, continuously increase market share, and strive to achieve greater development.

Jiang Yikang emphasized in the investigation that large-scale backbone enterprises are the pillars of economic development and play a decisive role in transforming the mode of economic development. They must play a leading role in promoting innovation, energy-saving and emission reduction, and improving modern management levels, in order to build economic culture. Strong provinces make more contributions. We must have a strong sense of crisis and opportunity, use strategic vision to plan development, increase the initiative and forward-looking work, actively apply technological innovation and modern management to efficiency, and continuously enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprise development. Party committees, governments, and relevant departments at all levels must adhere to the principle of economic construction, firmly establish the idea of ​​serving for enterprises, actively create favorable conditions and environment for the development of large-scale enterprise groups, and strive to help enterprises overcome difficulties and promote the enterprises to be good and fast. development of.

Shandong Provincial Party Standing Committee, Jinan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Rongrong Zhu, Provincial Party Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Min, and Jinan Mayor Zhang Jianguo participated in the survey.

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