Eaton Selected for "World's Most Ethical Busin…

Recently, Eaton, a diversified industrial product manufacturer, has been listed for the seventh consecutive year as the "World's Most Ethical Business List" published by the Ethisphere Institute. “As a company based on ethical values ​​and always adhering t-----

Most vehicle exhaust testing equipment is not off

Under the consensus of anti-pollution prevention in the whole society, the detection of motor vehicle exhaust in China, which should have become a key link in supervision, has been confusing. Some people in the industry even criticized it as “basically out of control”. Among th-----

Refrigerated vehicle lies in functional application

With the rapid economic development, cold-chain logistics is infiltrating everyone's life. However, due to the lack of sound regulatory systems in the cold chain industry, lack of industry standards, serious shortage of infrastructure such as cold stora-----

Making 2025 to face a new round of shuffling

China's manufacturing industry is at a critical stage from "big" to "strong." The existing conditions for development are the basis for manufacturing transformation. With its huge market scale advantages, comprehensive industrial supporting advantages, multi-level spatial gra-----

Cummins ISF guards 900,000 km Jiangnan musk trip

May Gardenia. Speaking of Xunzi, the most famous one is the Zhaizi of Jiaxing, which can be traced back to 1939. Jiaxing Changji, the son of Jiaxing, is an authentic old name in the industry of Jiaxing. A Jiaxing Changji nephew has a long journey from the factory to the user and then to the -----

From LED lighting industry leaders to price standard se…

In 2012, the LED industry was in the midst of a fierce battle. With the continuous emergence of national and local policies and the gradual deepening of the industry, the strong people stand tall and the weak are raging. As the largest packaging company in China, Mulinsen Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refe-----

· Jiangxi Nanchang will promote barrier-free buses in …

On June 9, 2015, the reporter learned from the Nanchang Municipal Public Utilities Group in Jiangxi that the first batch of Braille stop signs had been installed. In addition, barrier-free buses will be promoted, and those who travel by wheelchair can also board the buses themselves. The first bat-----