Gun smoke poisoning prevention measures

When blasting in a well, blasting explosives tends to generate a gas containing a large amount of toxic components. Due to the narrow working space of the well and the poor ventilation conditions, it is easy to cause the concentration of toxic gases to exceed the standard, posing a serious threat to-----

Analysis on safe and efficient removal of fully mechani…

The removal of fully mechanized mining face equipment is the key link in the management of fully mechanized mining face, and the removal of hydraulic support is more complicated. The side of the support is the goaf, and the top is the roof affected by the mining, so in this case The safe, rapid and -----

New technology for coal mining, no coal drilling

If you don't drill wells, and you don't strip the topsoil, you only need to insert a few pipes under the ground, and the syngas produced by burning coal in the ground can be sent out. The technology that looks like a fantasy is unveiled at the simulation of the Panergy Network in the Low Car-----

Auto Parts Industry in 2018: Structural Opportunities u…

There is a good business in this world, selling water sellers. The word originated from the Western Movement in the late 18th century when people discovered gold sand in the Sacramento River. As a result, peasants, seafarers, and missionaries, former servants went after gold. There are also people-----

Coal mining technology - diverticulum

1. The diverting chamber of the bottom hole yard should be arranged according to the installation dimensions of the equipment, and should be easy to operate, overhaul and replace the equipment, and meet the safety requirements of waterproofing and fire prevention. Second, the underground diverticul-----

Mining technical measures and ventilation measures to p…

First, the mining technical measures to prevent spontaneous combustion of coal When mining coal seams with a tendency to spontaneous combustion, reasonable coal mining techniques should be used to prevent natural ignition of coal. 1. Choose a reasonable development method and coal mining method. -----

·The first batch of filling stations jointly built by …

In recent years, Jiangsu Kelansu Automobile Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has successively built a highway filling station with domestic multi-industry oil companies. On March 31, 2018, the first batch of urea filling stations built by Hebei Zhonghai Oil and Kelansu was successfully-----