Modern heavy industry shipbuilding new law province time

Recently, Hyundai Heavy Industries announced that it has built a ship using a groundbreaking shipbuilding technology, the Wet Dock Series Shipbuilding Method. This approach can effectively shorten the shipbuilding cycle, without the need to increase any facility investment or increase the workload.

Using the traditional dry dock tandem method, when a ship is unloaded, other ships being built in the dock will float due to the water injection from the dock, and the workers will not be able to carry out work, which will affect the progress of the shipbuilding. With the new method, the launching vessel can be smoothly unloaded, and a ship can be completed and launched, while the production of other ships under construction in the dock is not affected.

According to reports, before the dry dock is filled with water, by installing the main engine and propeller for the ship under construction, close the hatch and tighten the bridge to increase the weight of the ship and avoid floating when the dock is filled with water. Workers can therefore continue to work without affecting the construction schedule and without investing in additional equipment. According to reports, the use of this technology can shorten the dock cycle by 20%. Hyundai Heavy Industries has successfully built seven ships using this new method, including a 10,000 TEU container ship. Hyundai Heavy Industries is considering extending this method to the No. 10 dock completed in October this year. It is reported that in November last year, Hyundai Heavy Industries has applied for a patent for this new law. In January of this year, the company was granted a patent in South Korea. Hyundai Heavy Industries will also register patents in China, Japan and India.

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