Heavy machine industry development hidden worry independent innovation long way to go

The rapid growth momentum of the heavy machinery industry is beyond the expectation of many experts, even though the impact of the country’s macroeconomic regulation and control on the industry has already appeared. From the overall development situation from January to September, the economic operation of the heavy machinery industry is in good condition, and the production and sales continue to maintain a high-speed growth trend, with the main indicators hitting a record high. In the recent heavy machine industry council, the reporter still read the worries behind the smile from the face of the business leaders present. How to narrow the gap and enhance the ability of independent innovation has once again become the core topic of the conference.
Mention the gap again
It is not difficult to see the rapid development momentum of the heavy machine industry from the statistics of the industry. Xu Shanji, secretary general of the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, predicts that the major economic indicators of the metallurgical and mining equipment industry this year, such as total industrial output value and product sales revenue, will record new records. The growth rate will remain at around 20%, and the growth rate of production and sales targets for the lifting and transport (material handling) equipment industry will remain in the range of 18% to 19%.
From January to August alone, the total profit of the heavy machinery industry increased by 76.63% over the same period of last year. Another good news about the import and export of the heavy machinery industry is that this year, the industry’s imports and exports have experienced a surplus for the first time, and the surplus amounted to US$ 166 million.
Although China's heavy machinery industry has made great progress in economic development, product development, and innovation, there are still many technical gaps and problems that cannot be ignored. Compared with 2005, the growth rate of production and sales indicators in the metallurgical and mining equipment industry has dropped by 10 to 15 percentage points.
Wang Jianye, chairman of the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, believes that the heavy machine industry is still far from the advanced level in foreign countries in five aspects.
First, there is still a gap between the complete set of equipment for metallurgy and the international advanced level. The main gap is the automatic control and detection of key technologies for large-scale hot and cold rolling mills. With the development of power electronics, information technology and modern control theory, the international electromechanical integration level of metallurgical machinery has increased rapidly, and four breakthroughs have been made in the large-scale complete hot and cold rolling mill technology: The main drive of the rolling mill adopts micro-processing to realize digital Control; rolling line realizes hierarchical computerized control and comprehensive automation; practical application of modern control theory such as vector control principle, self-adaptive control principle, self-seeking optimization control, and so on, to advance the equipment level of modern large-scale hot and cold rolling mills. A big step up. However, the technologies for the whole-line multi-stage computer control and various mathematical models of production processes for domestically-made large-scale hot and cold rolling mills have not yet kept pace with the rapid development of advanced technologies in the world, and some of them rely on foreign technologies.
Second, mining machinery is mainly characterized by poor reliability, inadequate control technology, and backward equipment performance. Overall, it is 5 to 10 years behind advanced countries. Taking electric traction coal mining equipment in coal mining for example as an example, the total installed power of domestic products is low, the cutting capacity is weak, the production efficiency is low, the reliability is poor, the service life is short, and the monitoring and monitoring systems are intelligent. There is a big gap compared to similar technologies.
Third, the lifting and transporting machinery exhibited poor product development capabilities for the complete machine and associated parts (eg, reducer). China's lifting machinery industry is relatively weak scientific and technological forces, computer-aided design has just started, lack of reliability and design of experimental data accumulation, dynamic analysis, fatigue characteristics, movement mechanics and electrical drive theory and other basic theoretical research is relatively backward. Lack of technical reserves, long development cycle of new products, and slow product replacement.
Fourth, there is still a certain gap in integration technology for heavy forging equipment. Taking the auto parts production line as an example, Japan and Germany have advanced large-scale multi-station flexible production lines capable of equip with the large-size stamping production lines required for an annual output of 300,000 to 500,000 cars. China can currently only meet the annual output of 150,000 to 30 equipment. 10,000 car parts forging production line and stamping production line.
Fifth, there is a gap between the technical level of large-scale forging products and the advanced level in foreign countries in terms of energy consumption indicators, steel types, etc., such as large-scale forgings and rolls used in nuclear power.
How to be innovative
Everyone knows that if you want to be competitive in the market, you must offer your unique things to users. This "uniqueness" contains the ingredients of innovation.
Liu Baicheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Tsinghua University, pointed out that China's manufacturing industry is facing globalization challenges and that networked global procurement has led Chinese manufacturing companies to master core technologies and key technologies. The competition in the future manufacturing industry will be the competition for innovation capabilities. Professor Liu believes that competition is divided into three phases: one is to duplicate the manufacturing phase; the other is the innovation phase; and the third is the original invention. At present, most companies in the heavy machinery industry are just in the first stage.
Speaking of innovation, Xi'an Heavy Machinery Research Institute should be a good example. It has officially changed its name to the China Heavy Machinery Research Institute a few days ago, which means that the original West Point has already qualified to become the premier research institute in the entire Chinese heavy machinery industry. Xie Donggang, president of the Institute of Heavy Machinery, recalled the road to innovation taken by the Heavy Machinery Institute for 50 years. He said that “the development with innovation as the theme has given the West a lot of detours”.
Innovation is a painful process. HEC has long been most concerned with building an innovation system, including four aspects.
Human capital is the basis in this framework. Choosing blue collars and managers who have the potential for innovation, cultivating innovative thinking, and constantly guiding the construction of innovative thinking are the practices that JEC has been adhering to. Xie Donggang believes that in the process of innovation, the basic research process must have, and original innovation, integrated innovation, digestion and absorption and innovation are all different forms of innovation.
The second point is that the establishment of an honesty system is indispensable. Xie Donggang said: “We have many companies that do not pay attention to this issue in their development. Sometimes they directly copy things from abroad, and they do not realize that copying the research results of others is an infringement. ".
Xiao Liqun, secretary general of the Material Handling Machinery Working Committee, expressed deep feelings about this. He said that his working committee has often received complaints from foreign companies and pointed out the infringement of certain domestic companies. Xiao Liqun said that if domestic heavy machinery companies do not pay attention to this issue, they will surely affect their development and growth in the future and go international.
Constantly adjusting the direction of innovation is another highlight of the Heavy Machinery Institute. In recent years, the Heavy Industry Institute has continued to pay attention to the technological development directions of Europe, the United States, and Japan, and has continuously applied some concepts to practical research.
Another point mentioned by Xie Donggang is that the failure and potential failure of the user tolerance research institute innovation process has also inspired researchers' innovation motives and morale from another aspect.
Some private companies have found their own way in the process of innovation. Henan Taihang Vibration Machinery Co., Ltd. has an output value of nearly 500 million yuan this year, reaching an annual production capacity of 600 vibrating screens. Chairman Huang Jinrong believes this is inseparable from the company's innovation strategy. Recently, Taihang Vibration has become the supplier of vibrating screens for the relocation of Shougang, Baosteel and Angang Steel with its own technological advantages. At the same time, it also exports products to India, Turkey, Brazil and other countries.

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