After 3 years of negotiation, Zero Renault will give up its domestic projects in China.

After nearly three years of long negotiations with China, Renault Motors may eventually abandon its cooperation with Dongfeng Motor.

According to Hong Kong's Ming Pao News, on April 25th, Coasecas, the head of the Asian and African region of Renault de France, said that the company currently has no intention of conducting any business plan in China. He said in Shanghai that the company has made huge plans in Iran and other Asian regions of India.

Analysts believe that the exposure of the Indian automobile market to the automotive market in Southeast Asia has prompted Renault to ultimately locate India as an important production base in the Asia Pacific region. The launch of the Indian project is the focus of Renault’s occupation of the Asia Pacific market. In a short period of time, it will no longer be possible to invest large sums of money in China.

Prior to this, in June 2004, during the visit to Beijing by Renault Automotive’s former president Louis Shi Weize, he discussed with Renminbi’s relevant government departments and Dongfeng Motor’s leadership about the joint venture project between Renault and Dongfeng. In accordance with the plan at the time, Renault will spend 300 million euros to cooperate with China Dongfeng Motor Corporation. Dongfeng Renault will start production in 2006. The goal is to develop in two phases and eventually reach an annual output of 300,000 vehicles. However, the cooperation project has been pending for a long time.

There have been reports that the reasons for the suspension of the Dongfeng Renault project are various, but the recent unsatisfactory sales of Renault vehicles in China and the upgrading of home-made site selection games are the main reasons for the difficult production of the Dongfeng Renault project.
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