China's new generation of power-saving devices will achieve large-scale production this year

An active filter that can green the power grid while saving electricity has been jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Luzhi Technology Co., Ltd., and will be put into mass production this year.

On the 18th, the reporter learned from the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement held by Tsinghua University Electric Power Research Institute and Luzhi Technology Co., Ltd. that comprehensive energy-saving integrated solutions for industrial enterprises will also be launched.

The active filter device can be widely used in the distribution network of power companies, commercial and institutional groups, and can achieve the purpose of saving electricity and greening the power grid. It breaks through the defects of traditional passive filtering, is a power electronic product using analog and digital logic circuits for current detection and current injection, with dynamic compensation, suppression of resonance, reactive power compensation, active (active) filtering, etc. Function and omnidirectional improvement of the filtering effect of the filter.

Wang Shumao, director of the World Bank's China Energy Conservation Promotion Program Office, said that at present, some high-energy-consuming enterprises in China do not need mature energy-saving solutions. While developing new products and technologies, energy-saving enterprises must improve their service systems and improve service quality.

Jiang Xinjian, director of the Institute of Power Electronics and Motor Systems at Tsinghua University, said that at present, most of China's power-saving products are relatively lagging behind, and on behalf of the current world's highest level of energy-saving active filtering technology, only a handful of companies in China have their own knowledge. Property rights and products.

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