Global ethanolamine plant will significantly increase operating rate due to demand

The annual growth rate of ethanolamine in the world in the next four years will reach 5% to 6%, while the output will increase at an average rate of 2.8% per year. As there is currently no plan to build a large-scale ethanolamine plant on a global scale, it is expected that the operating rate of global ethanolamine production facilities will increase before 2010, and the total ethanolamine production in the world in 2010 will reach 1.4 million tons.

Ethanolamine is an important fine organic chemical raw material, mainly used as a surfactant, medicine, pesticide, polyurethane additives, rubber processing aids, textile additives and antifreeze additives. According to statistics, the global ethanolamine production capacity in 2005 was 1.52 million tons per year, which was mainly concentrated in North America, Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, which accounted for 41%, 29% and 20% of the total global production capacity, respectively. The world's largest four ethanolamine producers are Dow, Ineos, BASF, and Huntsman, with a total capacity of 960,000 tons/year, accounting for approximately 63% of the world's total production capacity.

In 2005, the world production of ethanolamine was 1.22 million tons, and the operating rate of the plant was about 80%. In 2005, the ethanolamine production/demand conditions in major regions of the world were: 57.46 million tons in the United States; 31.36 million tons in Western Europe; and Asia-Pacific 24/31 Ten thousand tons; other areas 10/9 million tons. Among them, the consumption of surfactants accounted for over 32%, the consumption of herbicides accounted for 15%, and the application for gas treatment accounted for about 10%.

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