Jiujiang Petrochemical fertilizer plant fully resumed production

Recently, Sinopec Jiujiang Petrochemical Company's chemical fertilizer plant stopped working and overhauled, achieving a successful drive. The device runs smoothly and reaches full production. The average daily production of urea is kept above 1,860 tons.

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the various maintenance tasks, the company established a large-scale maintenance and repair headquarters for chemical fertilizer plants, and undertook seven functional groups including the comprehensive group of construction facilities, the shutdown group, and the quality inspection group. The maintenance headquarters takes the “maintenance of chemical fertilizers, waste heat boilers, and five major compressor units” as the main control point, giving full play to the advantages of unified coordination, joint operations, and professional, technical, personnel, and equipment, mobilizing all inspection personnel, and overcoming many Wide, cross-operations and other difficulties. 1 month in advance to enter the maintenance status, prepare a large maintenance network plan schedule, reasonably configure the maintenance personnel and arrange inspection and repair operations, advance maintenance projects, and implement HSE management and refinement to every working step of maintenance and construction to ensure maintenance. Safety and quality. It is reported that the plant produced 21,000 tons of urea in January, over-achieving production tasks and achieving a "good start" for safe production in 2008.

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