Novice at night to pay attention to the safety of driving used cars

First, in the event of a night driving in the opposite direction, do not step on the brake pedal for a while, and play the right wheel for a while. Pay attention to the right pedestrians and bicycles. When the distance from the opposite vehicle is 150 meters, the high beam should be changed to low beam. If the other party does not use the low beam, the speed should be decelerated immediately and the remote and near lights should be used to indicate each other; if they do not change, they should not change. , you should slow down to stop right to stop, do not fight with strong light on the shot, so as not to damage the two sides of the visual and cause car accidents.
Second, night driving should pay attention to pedestrians crossing the road from the left. In busy traffic areas on urban roads, vehicles with red lights are sometimes filled in the opposite lane. In this case, pedestrians often run out of the gap and cross the road from left to right.

Construction Hoist Parts:

Construction Hoist Parts is mainly includs mast section, motor, reduction gear, anti - fall safety device, cable, high - strength bolts and roller.

The progressive anti-falling safety device and the motor adopts reliable automatic compensation disc brake to ensure the operation safety.

The general length of each mast section is 1508mm, the rack is fixed on the mast by three bolts and it can be exchanged. For the single cage hoist there is only one rack on the mast section, and the mast section can be used for the double cages hoist by increasing one rack.

The section of the mast is diverse, select one type section according to different hoist. The mast sections are bolted together with M24 bolts and nuts to form mast. The mast is tied to the building with tie-in and is the guide rail of the cage.

According to the user's or circumstance's request, surface of mast is hot dip galvanized, which can prevent it rusting.

Type of Construction Hoist Parts:

Module Rack Bar Mast SectionConstruction Hoist Spare Part Double Rack Mast Section

Construction Hoist Floor Calling DeviceConstruction Elevator Roller

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Construction Hoist Parts

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