· Foreign media: Car wireless Internet technology vulnerability is vulnerable to attack

According to foreign media inautonews, more and more auto manufacturers have developed wireless interconnect technology that may make vehicles more vulnerable to hackers and poor security.
A report released by the car safety analysis agency shows that hackers can use the vulnerabilities of wireless interconnected systems to enter the vehicle's control system, obtain real-time data from the car, and control some of the vehicle's functions. Vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit can exist in the car's satellite navigation system, Wi-Fi wireless network system, communication system, and tire pressure monitoring system. In a survey initiated by multiple vendors, the car safety analysis organization found that the data transmission systems and data storage systems of automobile manufacturers did not have uniform standards, and they all fought each other, making it easier for hackers to launch attacks.
To this end, the car safety agency called on the government to pay more attention to car safety issues, and develop corresponding technical specifications and regulations to help improve the safety of car wireless interconnection technology.

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