· Beijing scrapped old passenger cars can get up to 8500 yuan

This year and next year, the old car scrap subsidy program was introduced yesterday. The scrap car for 6-10 years will receive 8500 yuan subsidy, and the small bus for more than 10 years will receive 8,000 yuan subsidy, which is higher than the 7,000 yuan for the 2013-2014 plan. 6,500 yuan. Among the various subsidies, the new scheme is basically higher than the old scheme, and the subsidy has the highest increase of 5,000 yuan.
Large passenger cars are up to 21,500 yuan
On the 10th, Beijing released the “Beijing Municipality Further Promotes the Retirement of Old Motor Vehicles (2015-2016)”. The old motor vehicles referred to in the plan refer to passenger cars, trucks and special operation vehicles (excluding taxis, motorcycles, low-speed trucks and yellow-label vehicles) that have been registered for 6 years or more.
According to the plan, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016, the old motor vehicles that have been dismantled by the disintegration factory can enjoy government subsidies. The scrapping time of the old motor vehicles shall be subject to the cancellation time of the vehicle files provided by the public security traffic management department.
The specific subsidy standards are: 6-10 yuan for small passenger cars and 8500 yuan for subsidies, 8,000 yuan for small passenger cars of more than 10 years, 7,000 yuan and 6,500 yuan for old passengers; and 21,500 for large passenger cars. Yuan, 5,000 yuan higher than the old plan of 16,500 yuan.
For trucks, heavy trucks of 6-10 years can receive a subsidy of 17,500 yuan, and heavy trucks of more than 10 years can receive a subsidy of 15,500 yuan, which is higher than the old scheme of 12,500 yuan and 10,500 yuan.
Eliminate 200,000 old cars this year
According to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, compared with the old vehicle elimination update program implemented in 2013-2014, the new plan for 2015-2016 will increase the number of scrapped vehicle subsidies by 2,000 yuan on the basis of maintaining the existing subsidy management model. The subsidy for the transfer of vehicles will no longer be subsidized, and the incentives for the scrapping of heavy-duty diesel vehicles will be increased, and they will be enjoyed at the same time as the national automobile old-for-new subsidy policy.
In terms of corporate rewards, the new plan proposes that when the owner of a scrapped old motor vehicle replaces a new one, the new car model belongs to the third-party transaction processing platform publicity model, and the enterprise reward voucher is used to obtain the reward. Encourage automobile manufacturers to increase the incentives for car owners to purchase new cars after scrapping vehicles. The recommended amount of awards is not lower than the government subsidy standard.
According to the data of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in 2014, 476,000 old vehicles were eliminated, and 391,000 mission targets issued by the state were completed ahead of schedule. This year, Beijing will eliminate 200,000 old vehicles.

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