·Guangzhou Communications Commission "about car rental" platform is expected to go online in the future

According to the "2014 O2O Freelancer Analysis Report" released by Jiji.com, the average after-tax income of the special driver is 8509 yuan, which is higher than the city with the highest white-collar income in Shanghai.
At the beginning of the new year, the new car market is renewed. The reporter learned from the authoritative channel that the “about car rental” platform led by the Guangzhou Municipal Communications Commission has completed the bidding work. Four taxi companies including Baiyun, Guangjun, Jiaotong and Guangzhou Automobile were selected. After the government’s permission, the platform is expected to be in the future. online.
It stands to reason that the "factional dispute" in the Chinese special car market surfaced, and the result of increased competition is that "circle money" is followed by "circle people." However, the reality of the plot is the opposite. Southern reporters learned from interviews, AA car rental, No. 1 car and other taxi software companies began to "pay for money" to the car drivers in various names such as website construction fees and car rental fees.
Once the service driver is stuck in the service chain, the entire car service mode may not be played, and many problems will follow. Thus, at this delicate moment, the two giants of the traditional car rental company, Shenzhou and Yizhen, also rushed into the market and launched their own car service.
Do the drips ask the driver for money?
In 2015, the car apps began to feel the chill of winter. In addition to the uncertainties of the policy, the cash flow pressure can not be ignored. According to the Nandu reporter's taxi process and the driver's consultation, the AA car hire began to collect the “website construction fee” of thousands of yuan per month in January; while the first car stopped the supply of mineral water from February, and this requires the driver as a standard service. “Buy the order”, based on 10 orders per day, 2 passengers per order, which is also the cost of nearly 1,000 yuan per vehicle. Reducing this expenditure, its more than 100 vehicles in Guangzhou can reduce the cost of nearly 100,000.
The bigger change is the industry’s mad “Drip Money”. Xue Shuai, manager of Didi Media, told the Southern Reporter that it is not a so-called “money money”, but a normal car rental fee of 160 yuan-180 yuan/day. Only the driver needs to pay when using the vehicle on the same day and completing the order. The funds were collected by the drip and handed over to the car rental company. “Drip is renting a vehicle to a car rental company through long-term lease, and then used by the driver. In the past, the cost was generated by the Drip Platform, and now the driver pays it.” Nandu reporter and Master Drip Yang exchanged information. Since February, the subsidy has been subsidized by 50%, and it is paid for about 25 days per month, and it is about 2,000 yuan/month.
However, not all drip drivers need to pay this "car rental fee." "Drip is now divided into two types: self-operated car and franchised car. The franchised car is a form of private car. It only needs to register people and vehicles on the Drip platform." A teacher named Liang told reporters that he joined in the past. The car and platform revenue share is 82, while the current platform commission is 30%.
Another mode of employment is to hire a driver from a rental car company. A master surnamed Huang told the Southern Reporter that he was an employee of Desheng Car Rental Co., which was sent to the driver as a driver because of the "drink driver" last month. The salary is also the basic salary of the Lede car rental car. There is no new one. The driver's fee is generated.
However, Xue Shuai denied the above two situations. “At present, 100% of vehicles are drunk by car rental companies, and drivers are dispatched by labor companies, 'people and cars are separated.' But in any case, the drivers’ income is obviously affected by the change in cost.
The reporter learned from many sources that the special platform is generally settled in the form of “basic wage order commission for oil fee subsidy”. The driver's order commission for drip is as high as 70%-80% (the proportion of self-operated car orders is lower), and the monthly income is average. In the early 10,000s, the new expenditure of 2,000 yuan per month is reduced by 20%; while the driver of the first car is relatively low, the basic salary of 1,500 yuan plus 40%-50% of the order commission, the monthly income is About 5,000 yuan, although the self-paid mineral water seems to be a small expenditure, but the No. 1 car master Yang said that on average, every 5 runs will have a single white run.
The "Three Kingdoms" in the private car market
Nowadays, the lively scene of the Chinese Internet taxi market is not only the internal killing and interest game of taxi software, but also more factions are preparing to enter and eat this piece of cake known as the 100 billion scale.
According to a drip driver, on February 15th, the Guangzhou Communications Commission will invest more than 2,000 cars into the market. This information has not been officially confirmed. However, Zhong Bai (a pseudonym), an insider of Baiyun Group, a large taxi company in Guangzhou, told the Southern Reporter that the bidding work has ended. Baiyun, Guangjun, Transportation and Guangzhou Automobile Group have been selected, and the contracting platform of the Commission will be launched in the future. “The Transportation Committee is responsible for the unified construction of the system platform, while the rental group is mainly providing and operating vehicles. Currently, the system is being debugged and docked.”
At the beginning of the new year, the two giants of the traditional car rental company, Shenzhou and Yiyi, successively launched their own special car services. Yu Zhongtang, vice president of Shenzhou Car Rental, told the Southern Reporter that the Shenzhou car platform will be operated by an independent third-party company, UCAR, and two car rental executives from China will enter UCAR, the vehicles will be provided exclusively by Shenzhou, and the drivers will cooperate. "Professional labor company" dispatched. Yu Zhongtang also revealed that the driver's car is a natural extension of the car rental business in China. In the new year of Shenzhou, it plans to enter the P2P car rental, windmill and other fields. In the future, the whole pattern of “self-driving and driving” will be formed, supplemented by “P2P car rental and ride”. “In the past, sufficient offline resources, including vehicles and management, were our biggest advantage. The shortcomings may be our product end. After all, we only went online for two months, which is not comparable to the operation of other Internet companies for several years.”
At this point, the pattern of the "Three Kingdoms" in the Chinese special car market has gradually taken shape, and a new war will begin again.

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