A rental car recommended by Harbin to drive by Wudalianchi

Wudalianchi World Geopark is located in Wudalianchi Scenic Area in Heilongjiang Province. The main types of geological relics are volcanic geomorphology. It is the most complete, typical, and up-to-date volcanic group in the world. It is known as the “Chinese Volcano Museum” because it is rich in medical minerals and is also known as “the hometown of Chinese mineral water”. One car hire specially arranged this self-driving tour guide from Harbin to Wudalianchi and share it with everyone.

Wudalianchi Scenic and Nature Reserve is located in the north-central part of Heilongjiang Province, 380 kilometers from Harbin, with a total area of ​​1,060 square kilometers. There are 358,000 acres of arable land, 321,000 acres of woodland, 57,300 acres of grassland, and 150,000 acres of wetland. Wudalianchi volcanic group was formed by volcanic eruptions in ancient, medium and modern times. The volcanic geological landscape is well-preserved. It is a rare type of volcanic geomorphological landscape that is rare in the world. The experts have summarized scientific, systematic, complete, typical and aesthetic. Sex is China’s premier volcano in the world.

Wudalianchi Scenic Area has won two world-class laurels: “Global Geopark” and “World Biosphere Reserve”. The 14 volcanic eruptions in the new and old period span more than 2 million years. It is known as the “Natural Volcano Museum” and “Opened Volcanism”. "Books"; scenic spots not only have great significance for human beings in the history of the development of ecological sciences and geographical physics, but also have unique viewing and application values ​​in natural aesthetics and environmental medicine.

Wudalianchi is a group of dormant volcanoes. This group of volcanoes has risen from the ground and has various shapes, forming a unique scenic spot. People also call this Wudalianchi “Volcano Park” or “Natural Volcano Museum”. Wudalianchi has two main features. One is the strange scenery. The lava formed by volcanic eruptions is like a long dragon. Some of them are like elephant trunks sucking in water and some are like a waterfall. There is also a "rock tower" that looks very nice, about 23 meters high, which is also a stack of volcanic lava layers. Lava voids formed by lava flows underground are also attractive and ornamental places.

Wudalianchi not only has unique and rare volcanoes and mineral resources, but also has rich biodiversity. From the prehistoric period of more than two million years to the modern period of 280 years, the complex and diverse volcanic lava landscape and special environmental conditions gave birth to Wudalianchi's unique, rich and complete volcanic natural ecosystem.

Wudalianchi Nature Reserve has 144 families and 428 genera and 1,044 species of plants, including 47 species of rare and endangered plants, such as dianthus, blunt shrubs, red spruce, and wild soybeans. There are 55 families and 121 species of wild animals, including rare animals such as elk, black bears, red-crowned cranes, mink and other national protected animals. There are 7 families and 80 species of butterflies, of which Apollo is a precious butterfly in the world. Wudalianchi Biodiversity is extremely rare in the north of China and in the same latitudes of the North Temperate Zone. What is more precious and valuable is that it reproduces the entire process of the evolution of life on Earth from lower to higher successions, especially the evolution of life on volcanic lava.

Self-driving route: starting from Harbin, Harbin-G1111 Heha high-speed -G1111 Heha high-speed exports - Yubei high-speed - Heihe city, arrived in Wudalianchi city. The entire 353.4 kilometers, according to the road conditions is expected to take 3 hours and 46 minutes.

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