New technology for coal mining, no coal drilling

If you don't drill wells, and you don't strip the topsoil, you only need to insert a few pipes under the ground, and the syngas produced by burning coal in the ground can be sent out. The technology that looks like a fantasy is unveiled at the simulation of the Panergy Network in the Low Carbon Action Zone of the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.

The underground gasification process adds underground coal to the gasification agent to achieve controlled gasification, providing low-cost syngas for subsequent energy product production. This process integrates the traditional three processes of well construction, coal mining and surface gasification. The traditional physical coal mining is chemical coal mining. The deep cavity generated by gasification can be used as a waste residue from sequestration combustion. At the same time, the wastewater can be reused for treatment, which has the advantages of good safety, low investment, high efficiency and less pollution.

According to reports, the "gasifier" formed underground is dynamic, along the natural direction of coal underground, burning coal, producing methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The remaining carbon dioxide will be absorbed by the microalgae and converted into biodiesel and high value-added nutrients through biochemical reactions.

This technology has been successfully operated for 18 months in the no-well coal underground gasification industrialization demonstration project in Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Compared with the traditional 40% to 50% coal mining rate, gasification coal mining technology can not only improve the safety of coal mining, but also effectively avoid mine accidents, and also increase the utilization rate of coal to about 73%, which is especially suitable for Lignite and waste coal with low calorific value.

Automatic Load Sensing Valve

Mainly used in automobiles

Load sensing valves are mostly used on heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and trains. They sense the loaded weight of a vehicle (by how far the suspension drops under weight), then they vary the brake pressure in the brake cylinders accordingly.

The reason they are used is so that when a vehicle is unladen the brakes apply a lighter force so as to stop the wheels from locking (on say a train), but when the vehicle is loaded the brakes will apply more pressure and operate quicker

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