Analysis on safe and efficient removal of fully mechanized mining face

The removal of fully mechanized mining face equipment is the key link in the management of fully mechanized mining face, and the removal of hydraulic support is more complicated. The side of the support is the goaf, and the top is the roof affected by the mining, so in this case The safe, rapid and complete withdrawal of the complete set of fully mechanized mining equipment is the goal that people are constantly pursuing and exploring. The engineering department of Shandong Liye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized team specializing in the installation and removal of fully mechanized mining face. The business scope covers Yankuang Group, Feijin Group, Shanxi, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Shaanxi and other places. In the middle of finding an effective way to quickly and safely remove, it has achieved good economic and social benefits.

First, fully prepare for the stop mining

Choose a reasonable support method according to the stability of the roof of the working face

1, laying a metal mesh: instability to the work surface of the top plate, in order to ensure convenient and safe removal of hydraulic support, when mining face when the stop line distance 10-12M, double staggered start laying direction along the coal wall ride The metal mesh is connected to the stop line and ensure that the metal mesh breaks into the gob 1m, and the side of the coal wall hangs down to 1/2-2/3 of the height of the disassembly passage.

2. Laying the wooden beam: For the working face with broken roof and high pressure, when it is 6-7m away from the stop line, it will begin to lay a rectangular plate beam with a specification of about 150×100×2500mm between the top beam of the bracket and the metal mesh. The distance between the beams is 500-600mm, and a row of plate beams is laid for each cut coal, and laid in a staggered chain.

3. Laying steel wire rope: For the unstable or large dip working face of the roof, when the distance from the stop line is 6-7m, the steel wire rope is laid along the working face along the top beam of the bracket and the metal mesh. Double rope and interleaved overlapping metal mesh at intervals of 300mm along the working surface tends to imprison a buckle iron wire, each face forward, the laying of a knife forward rope, wire rope fixed at both ends of the face plate or beam confined to the roadway On the pole. As the work surface advances, the wire rope and the metal mesh are laid between the top plate and the top beam of the support.

4. When the top plate is stable and the pressure is small, the working surface can be started without any paving.

Second, determine the channel size

Determine the reasonable channel size and support method according to the frame type of the bracket and the height of the working surface

1. Height: Ensure that the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic support post is not less than 400mm.

2. Width: According to different types of hydraulic supports, under normal circumstances, the net width of the front end of the hydraulic support top beam to the coal wall is 1400-2600mm.

3. Supporting beam channel: When the hydraulic support stops moving forward and the working surface begins to make a passage, continue to move forward the conveyor. The exposed roof of the coal mining machine after cutting coal, use the wooden beam or cap on the top beam of the bracket. Point column temporarily maintains the top plate. When the removal channel size meets the requirements, replace the temporary bracket with a formal wood beam or round beam along the working surface. One end of the shed beam is placed on the top beam of the hydraulic support, and the other end is supported by a single pillar or wooden pillar on the side of the coal wall, and the back is supported by wood.

4. Anchoring the channel: When the hydraulic support stops moving forward, continue to transfer the working surface conveyor. After the coal mining machine cuts the coal, stop the coal mining machine and the conveyor from 5-20m below the lower drum, and set the temporary cap. Pick the wooden beam to maintain the top plate on the point column or the top beam of the bracket, and take measures to prevent the sheet. Then anchor the anchor eye, lay the metal mesh, install the anchor rod and the anchor belt, and arrange them in parallel and perpendicular to each other along the working surface. The spacing between the anchor rods is 700mm and the row spacing is 600mm, which is repeated according to the above-mentioned process weeks. After the channel specifications meet the requirements, Lay the metal mesh of the guard and help the anchor to form the lane.

Third, the removal process

1. Direct removal: used in the case where the top surface of the working face is complete, hard and stable, and the pressure is small. Firstly, the bracket side guard plate is retracted, and the bracket is lowered, and the hydraulic bracket is pulled by the winch or the jack to pull out in the direction of the vertical coal wall, and then the bracket is returned to 90 degrees, and then the bracket is transported to the loading place.

The roof after the removal of the bracket can be maintained by means of rafting, fulcrum column columns and alternate stepping steel shed support.

2, cover removal

(1) First remove the No. 1 bracket by direct removal method, and adjust the support to the top surface parallel to the coal wall of the working face as the shield bracket when the No. 2 bracket is removed.

(2) With the single hydraulic props management top plate, the 2# bracket is removed and pulled away.

(3) Move the 1# shield bracket forward, and then use the shield bracket when the 3# bracket is removed, and then remove the remaining brackets by analogy.

Fourth, to ensure safe and efficient removal of several points

1. Take long-distance operation when removing the bracket

Adjusting: Select the appropriate single hydraulic props of the column type. The top of the top is on the top beam of the bracket to be removed or the front of the base (the raft). The bottom is placed in front of the base of the adjacent upper bracket or in the lifting hole behind the base. The high-quality chain and the connecting ring are matched with the screw nut, etc., and the sliding head of the back winch is connected with the lifting hole of the top beam of the bracket to be withdrawn, and then the observation personnel and other personnel are all evacuated to a safe place, and the "remote control" is used for the single The body is supplied with liquid, and with the out of the bracket, the column winch is turned on at any time, so that the bracket is removed from the original position step by step, and under the traction of the winch, the top beam of the bracket to be removed is gradually adjusted upward.

Monomer "remote liquid supply" method: select a good single hydraulic prop, the top of the top is in the rib shoulder part of the middle of the top beam of the bracket to be removed, the bottom is placed on the upper adjacent bracket base, and the anti-reverse rope is tightened And then turn off the high pressure shut-off valve of the liquid injection gun and use the high pressure shut-off valve for long-distance liquid supply operation;

Upper bracket: After the bracket is pulled out, after the direction is adjusted, the bracket is pulled to the upper exit position by the upper column winch of the upper exit. After reaching the exit, the back winch of the track lane is used for reversing and pulling and loading.

2. When the top plate is broken and the pressure is high, the double shield frame is used to withdraw the working surface bracket.

For the composite roof, the broken roof, the pressure or the longer working face of the bracket, in order to ensure the safe withdrawal, the double shield is used to withdraw the bracket:

After the work surface conveyor and the shearer are removed, the work surface bracket is removed. First use the backing winch (cooperating with the single hydraulic struts) to pull out the ## frame. After withdrawing the 3# frame, timely maintain the support space of the original No. 3 frame, and extract the No. 4 frame in the same way, and then timely maintain the top plate after the extraction, and then adjust the No. 1 and ## frames to the position of the shield frame.

For each bracket removed, the 1# and 2# shelters are moved forward once, and the stepping distance is 1.5m. When the last two brackets are left on the working surface, the two shields of 1, 2# are first withdrawn, the top plate is maintained by the single hydraulic props, and then the last two are removed according to the maintenance method when the single hydraulic prop is used to maintain the head. Withdraw.

3. Shorten the shipping distance of the bracket and realize loading on the working surface

When the working face is not inclined enough and the mining height meets the requirements, the track of the track lane is directly laid to the middle of the working face, and the loading platform is installed at the end of the track of the working face, so that the equipment such as the bracket can be adjusted after the direction is adjusted. Load the car and then lift it along the track to reduce the haul distance.

4, take the winch diverticulum protection net

During the removal period, the winch chamber of the working face is getting shorter and shorter when the removal work is nearing the end. When the rope is broken or unhooked, the winch rope will break into the winch chamber by inertia and endanger the personal safety of the winch driver.

A metal mesh is hung between the two masts in front of the winch, and the net and the mast are firmly fixed, so that a protective wall is formed at the door of the winch chamber to effectively resist the wire rope entering the diverticulum, effectively protecting the cable.硐 Indoor equipment and winch drivers.

5, set up a mobile diverticulum or dodge

For the removal of the thin coal seam working face, due to the high and low mining, the gap between the frames is small, and the personnel cannot enter. In order to ensure the safety of the workers during the operation of the winch, at the position above the retracement point, the shape of the mouth is formed under the top beam of the bracket. Each of the four corners is provided with a single hydraulic prop, and then the four side walls of the four cells are covered with metal mesh to form an effective safety protection space. When the working surface is long, it can be set. Multiple mobile chambers. When the winch is running, the construction personnel and signal workers in the ropeway hide into the chamber, effectively avoiding the occurrence of a broken rope injury.

6. Shorten the time for dragging the winch of the winch.

In the construction, a JD-11.4KW dispatching winch is installed next to the winch of the upper end hauling bracket. The dispatching winch is used to pull the sliding head by installing the returning wheel on the screening frame, which greatly reduces the labor intensity when manually pulling the sliding head. .

7, to achieve self-moving self-moving loading.

When the bracket is transported to the loading platform by the main lifting winch, the wire rope and the safety rope of the lifting bracket are released, the special hole is inserted into the front hole of the loading platform, and the jack of the bracket itself and the pin of the loading platform are used by the high-quality chain. Connect, use the bracket to push the jack to move it, slowly move to the specified position of the loading, and finally tighten the special fixing bolt. It ensures fast and safe loading, saves labor and improves efficiency.

8. Develop a system of self-awareness and mutual awakening to eliminate unsafe behaviors.

Self-wake refers to the entry of each employee into the construction site. It is necessary to first check whether the problem should be checked within the scope of the post. The inspection can be carried out only after ensuring that the requirements are met.

Mutual awakening refers to the mutual or similar personnel reminding each other during the construction of the site. During each operation, the joint security personnel must dictate whether there are any hidden dangers around the insured person, etc. After that, the inspection must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the regulations. After confirming the correctness, the responder should be answered. Only when the safety conditions are met, the next operation procedure can be entered.

Through the implementation of this system, employees' awareness of safety production has been strengthened, and the ability of independent security has been enhanced. The safety of on-site construction safety of the team team has been improved to ensure the quality and effectively avoid the occurrence of various accidents.

9. Implement the law on the removal of safety and fixed management to reduce the unsafe condition of objects.

The specific method is based on the removal conditions of the fully mechanized mining face, the safety and fixed management of the two aspects of people and things, with the fixed position of the field operators as the core content. Take the "six-definite" management of people's safety thought orientation and specific people's "fixed film, fixed person, fixed post, fixed responsibility, quantitative, and regular", and take "positioning, quantification, calibration, regular, and fixed person" for the object. “Five-set” management, adopting the “five-definite” management of “determination, calibration, timing, determination and determination measures” for hazard sources and safety hazards. The identification and management control are carried out by means of diagrams, tables, plates, boards, columns and lines, and the chain closed-loop chain system such as check cards and command plates is used for safety confirmation, and finally a refined, standardized and programmed safety management system is formed.

V. Conclusion

Practice has proved that through the continuous exploration and practice in the process of removal of the work surface, the problems existing on the site are improved and improved in time, the efficiency of the removal of the work surface is greatly improved, and the construction safety, economic benefits and social benefits are ensured.

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