Coal mining technology - diverticulum

1. The diverting chamber of the bottom hole yard should be arranged according to the installation dimensions of the equipment, and should be easy to operate, overhaul and replace the equipment, and meet the safety requirements of waterproofing and fire prevention.

Second, the underground diverticulum should be selected in the stable hard rock layer, avoiding fault zones, fracture zones, strong aquifers and coal seams with coal and gas outburst danger and impact ground pressure.

3. The roadways on both sides of the shaft wellbore and the bottom hole yard where the cage is used for lifting shall be provided with bilateral sidewalks. The width of the sidewalks shall not be less than 1.0m. The height and length of the roadway at the joint shall meet the equipment layout and the longest passage. The material requirements shall have a net height of not less than 4.5 m and a length of not less than 5.0 m on each side. 4.4.4 Downhole main drainage pump chamber, main substation and pipe layout should meet the following requirements:

1 The main drainage pump chamber of the underground should be arranged in conjunction with the main substation and should be close to the wellbore where the drainage pipeline is laid.

2 A closed door that is easy to close and waterproof and fireproof shall be provided in the passage connecting the roadway of the bottomhole yard. A fireproof fence dual-purpose door shall be provided between the main substation and the main drainage pump chamber. The floor of the main drainage pump chamber and the main substation should be 0.5m higher than the floor at the bottom of the roadway or the main roadway.

3 The connection between the pipe and the wellbore should be higher than the ground of the main drainage pump house by more than 7.0m, and the platform should be set. The size of the platform should be able to transport the drainage facilities in the event of an accident. The net section of the pipe shall be such that it can pass through the water pump and the electric motor after the drainage pipe is installed. Pedestrian steps and laying tracks shall be provided for the pipe, and the inclination of the pipe shall not exceed 30°.

4. The water tank at the bottom of the well should meet the following requirements:

1 The water tank should be composed of two independent roadways that do not leak. When one water tank is cleaned, the other water tank should be able to be used normally.

2 When the normal water inflow is below 1000m3/h, the effective capacity of the main water tank should be able to accommodate the normal water inflow of 8h. When the normal water inflow is greater than 1000m3 / h of the mine.

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