Application of terror birds into people's daily lives

Some people have brought prehistoric terror birds into people's daily lives, but this time it is not through DNA cloning but a prototype of an application.

The tourist attraction Otorohanga currently has the world’s first virtual terror park. It is designed and developed by the software development company Augview. People can use their own mobile phone or tablet to see it. The virtual hooligan can move in the park and interact with tourists. Virtual Moto is alive, although the real proportion of the size of the Terror Bird can follow tourists, chase and attack tourists, but in fact people do not feel, the original purpose of the application design is mainly used for scientific education and exhibition.

Flotation Beneficiation Plant, also named as Flotation Processing Plant, is a ore concentrating process that separates the ore from its gangues with the help of chemicals. This difference of the solution among the other processes is the Mineral Separator , namely flotation cell( Flotation Machine).after adding chemicals into the slurry, there are plenty of bubbles appeared, and the ore will stay on the surface of the bubbles, the scraper on the flotation machine collect the bubbles at the surface, thus the ore is separated, and after concentrating, the finished concentrate is produced.  The flotation mineral ore processing plant can be used for various kinds of ores, such as, gold ore, lead ore, zinc ore, graphite ore, copper ore, nickel ore and so on, the flotation Ore Dressing Plant needs to work with some chemicals to concentrate the ore.

Flotation Mineral Processing Plant

Flotation Processing Plant

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