ABB and Volvo Collaborate to Develop Bus Rapid Charging System

ABB and Volvo team up to develop a bus rapid charging system. According to a global agreement reached between the two parties, Volvo Electric and Hybrid Buses will use ABB's fast charging solution to pave the way for the deployment of urban electric traffic. Zurich, Switzerland, the world leader in electricity and Automation Technology Group ABB recently announced a cooperation agreement with Volvo Buses, one of the world’s largest passenger car manufacturers, to jointly develop and commercialize DC charging systems based on open standard protocols for hybrid electric buses and hybrid buses. .

The cooperation will develop city-wide standardized charging systems for both electric and plug-in hybrid buses. These buses can be quickly charged through the automatic connection system installed at the top of the station, or they can be connected and charged at night. .

This attempt will be based on internationally accepted standards and make full use of existing electric traffic technology to promote the rapid development of urban electric traffic. ABB and Volvo Buses will launch their first cooperation project on the Luxembourg public transport sector, which is expected to be operational in 2015.

Volvo's new plug-in hybrid buses will debut at the Hanover Motor Show in September this year. Compared with traditional diesel buses, this car can reduce fuel consumption by 75%.

Combining their respective technical expertise in the power grid and electric vehicle sector, ABB will work with Volvo to develop standards for the rapid charging of electric buses, such as communication protocols between infrastructure, charging networks and electric buses.

To a large extent, the electric bus charging standard will draw on the global DC fast charging standard of passenger cars to ensure its safety, attract investment and long-term attention, and promote more people to choose green transportation.

“We are very pleased to be able to cooperate with Volvo, the global leader in transportation. Both are working together to promote the development of electric traffic,” said A Dayen, head of the discrete automation and motion control business unit of ABB Group. The vision of the “Better World” is exactly the same.At present, urbanization is at the fastest developing stage in history, and cities around the world are vigorously promoting the construction of transportation infrastructure.Our cooperation will help achieve efficient and sustainable transportation. Solutions to meet people’s growing travel needs.”

The cooperation will aim to promote the standardization of the rapid charging of electric buses, including the communication protocol between the charging infrastructure and electric buses, the charging interface, and the specifications of the roof automatic connection system (ACS).

Hakan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses said: “We are very pleased to partner with ABB. Through strong cooperation, we will have complete and highly competitive products and solutions to support different cities around the world to build a sustainable public transportation system. Hybrid and pure electric buses are the solutions for future urban public transportation."

Volvo Buses launched the first plug-in hybrid bus in 2009 and has delivered nearly 1600 plug-in hybrid buses to 21 countries. Its first pure electric bus will be operational as part of the Gothenburg “Green City” project in Sweden in 2015.

Since 2010, ABB has delivered more than 1500 DC fast charging systems worldwide to build electric vehicle charging networks for customers such as automobile manufacturers, power companies, governments and retailers, including in the Netherlands, Estonia and Denmark. Nation builds a nationwide electric vehicle charging network.

As part of the Luxembourg public transport system, the first cooperation between ABB and Volvo Buses includes 12 Volvo hybrid buses equipped with ABB's fully automatic electric bus charging system. The buses will be put into use in 2015 and will be the largest in Luxembourg. Tourism and transportation company Sales-Lentz operates on existing bus lines.

This cooperation project has been integrated into the Luxembourg transport network, and through synergy with different transport projects, it will create synergies and build a good vision for the country’s future transportation.

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