· 863 Program "Automotive Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Microsensors and Systems"

Recently, the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Division of the Ministry of Science and Technology organized the 863 Program "Automotive Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Microsensors and Systems" project acceptance meeting. The acceptance experts listened to the report of the project, reviewed the relevant materials, conducted on-site inspections and watched the results presentation, and agreed to pass the acceptance.
This topic is aimed at ESP (automotive electronic stability program, the same below) high performance, low cost and high reliability application goals, MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems, the same below) gyroscope and acceleration sensor design, MEMS inertial device mass production and Testing, low-cost plastic cavity housing integrated package, ESP system development and sensor verification research, breaking through the digital closed-loop system design of MEMS gyroscope, wafer-level vacuum packaging, low-stress plastic packaging, wafer-level in-slice testing, MEMS sensor products Key technologies such as rate control. Innovative in the digital control circuit of gyroscope, injection cavity package, MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer in the automatic test of the chip, developed an automotive ESP system based on self-developed MEMS gyroscope and MEMS accelerometer, the reliability meets the automotive environment. The standard, completed the automotive application environment test and road test, and realized the demonstration application.

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