Truck glitches can be repaired by yourself

After a long period of time, slowly the truck will have some minor problems. When trucks have some big problems, they must find a repair shop to repair them. This is beyond doubt. For some minor problems, truck drivers can solve their own problems without having to find a repair shop, which can also save costs. If the truck is driving on the highway and it suddenly breaks in halfway, that's how embarrassing it is. With regard to the five shortcomings that suddenly appear in trucks, truck drivers can deal with them on their own and resolve the embarrassment.


First, the valve spring breaks

The broken spring can be removed and the broken two sections can be installed in reverse and ready for use. If the spring breaks into several sections, the intake and exhaust valve adjustment screws of the cylinder can be removed to keep the valve closed and stop the truck cylinder.

Second, leakage of oil leakage

According to the size of the trachoma, use the electric fuse of the corresponding specification, and gently poke it into the trachoma with a hand hammer to eliminate oil leakage and water leakage.

Third, the tubing rupture

When the tubing ruptures, the cracked area can be wiped clean, coated with soap, wrapped with a piece of cloth or tape around the broken tubing, and tied with wire, then coated with soap.

Fourth, the fuel tank damage

When the motor vehicle is in use, it is found that the oil leakage from the fuel tank can be wiped clean, with soap or bubble gum applied to the oil spill, temporarily blocked; with epoxy resin adhesive repair, better.

Fifth, the inlet and outlet hoses are broken

When the rupture is not great, use a cloth coated with a layer of soap to wrap the leak. If the crack is large, cut the broken part of the hose, put a bamboo tube or iron tube in the middle, and fasten it with wire.

Editor's Note: There is an old saying that “do it yourself, get enough food and clothing”, learn some basic maintenance of truck glitches, and solve the problems encountered on the highway. In daily driving, truck drivers also have to regularly maintain and inspect the cars, reducing the car's failure rate.

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