These parking tips, female drivers need to collect!

When someone stops, he always judges the distance between the front and rear cars. There is no scraping, no repairs. Explain yourself today .

How to determine the distance from the car

If you do not have a reverse image when reversing, use mirrors.

Through the rearview mirror, when it is found that the hood of the rear vehicle is covered, the rear vehicle distance is about 5 meters.

When it was found that the windshield of the rear car was just visible in the rear-view mirror, the distance from the rear car was about half a meter. This distance was just right, and the car could be parked.

How to judge the distance from the car

The front edge coincides with the lower edge of the front tire. At this point, the distance from the vehicle in front is about 5 meters.

The front edge coincides with the lower edge of the front bumper, and the distance from the front car is about 3 meters.

The front edge coincides with the lower edge of the front license plate, and the distance from the front car is about 0.5 meters.

Because each vehicle's size and size are different, there is still a slight difference. Xiao Zhao suggested that we get the car to help us look at the car when it is parked and reversing. We need to find the feeling and find the parking distance suitable for our car.

Left and right wheel position judgment

The premise of judging the position of the left and right wheels is to find out the protruding node of the car wiper. When we look through the node of the left wiper and find that it coincides with the broken line on the ground, it is the driving position of the left wheel.

We look through the right wiper node and the position where it coincides with the dotted line is where the right tire is rolled.

Vertical parking skills

This kind of right-angle parking on the map is also called "non-character type" parking. The general parking lot is very common. After finding a parking space, it will open two parking spaces and keep its own car and side parking line about 1.5 meters. As shown in the figure, Just play it again.

Side parking skills

First, keep the car in parallel with the car in the front parking space, control the middle about 50 centimeters, and control the body and the parking position to enter the positive direction when the angle is 45 degrees. When the left rear wheel and the rear car are in the same line, you can return to the right.

Slant parking space

There is no difficulty in sloping parking spaces. Once parking spaces are determined, the parking spaces can be parallel to the car body.

Having said so much is all about talking on paper, and you need to apply knowledge to your life and practice. Xiao Bian knows, the parking technology before you read this article is like this â–¼

After reading the Xiaobian article, parking technology is like this â–¼

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