The high-speed oscillation of the valve caused localization abnormalities

The high-speed oscillation of the valve caused localization abnormalities China's valve industry chain is numerous, but it is not a valve-powerful country. On the whole, China has entered the ranks of the world's valve giants, but from the perspective of product quality, there is still a long gap between China and the country with strong valves. The low production concentration of the industry, the low R&D capability of high-end products and the low level of manufacturing technology in the valve industry still exist, and the deficit in import and export trade continues to expand.

In the coming years, it will be the high-speed oscillation period of the valve industry. The direct consequence of this high-speed shock is that the polarization trend in the current cabinet brand cabinet camp will expand. It is not expected that there will be so many valve companies that can really survive in the market in the next few years. However, this high-speed oscillation in the valve industry will bring huge opportunities. The result of the shock will make the market operation more rational.

Since last year, the road to localization of high-end valves has been “bumpy”. At present, the basic parts have become a shortcoming that restricts the development of China's manufacturing industry to high-end. During the 12th five-year period, the government will continue to increase the localization of high-end equipment components. Here we have selected several representative valves in key development industries mentioned in the “Implementation Plan” to conduct feasibility analysis of import substitution (eg petroleum, power stations, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, mining, chemicals, building materials, electricity, energy , sewage treatment, etc.). From the analysis we can see that the sub-industry valve import substitution is very different. The high-end valve needs more policy guidance and research support.

The valve industry plays an important role in the development of the national economy as an important part of preparing for manufacturing. As there is still a gap between China's domestic valve manufacturing industry and the international advanced level, many high-parameter, high-temperature, high-pressure, high-pound critical valves have always depended on imports. In order to promote the localization of valves, the State Council issued the "on the acceleration of the rejuvenation. After several opinions of the equipment manufacturing industry, the relevant national departments have successively made a series of major deployments according to the requirements of the country for major equipment localization, and are led by the National Development and Reform Commission. Together with China National Machinery Industry Association and the China General Machinery Industry Association, Deployed and formulated the valve localization program for major equipment in related fields, and coordinated with related departments several times, and now the localization of valves has formed a consensus in the domestic valve industry.

Actively adopt international standards for product design; Absorb excellent design structure (including patented technology) from abroad; Product testing and performance testing are strictly conducted in accordance with international standards; Absorb foreign advanced production process experience with emphasis on research and promotion of new materials; The high-parameter valve product's technical parameters and working conditions are the only way to speed up the localization process, promote the continuous updating of valve products, and fully realize the localization of valves.

With the acceleration of the pace of reorganization of the valve industry, the future industry will be the competition between valve product quality and safety and product brands. Products will develop toward high-tech, high-parameter, high-corrosion-resistance, and high-life-life, and will only be developed through continuous technological innovation. With new products and technological transformation, it is possible to gradually improve the technical level of products, meet the domestic equipment support, and fully implement the localization of valves. China's valve manufacturing industry will certainly present a better development prospect under the huge demand environment.

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