· German three good and strong this year to accelerate the deployment of electric cars do not give Tesla a subversive opportunity

On October 8, Premier Li Keqiang chaired the State Council executive meeting and mentioned that "in principle, no new fuel vehicle manufacturing enterprises will be approved." On October 9, the German Federal Senate proposed that gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles be banned from entering the EU within 2030 to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and only new zero-emission vehicles will be implemented across the EU. In.

The wave of waves that have risen to the national level of “energy saving and emission reduction” has undoubtedly given tremendous pressure on global auto companies. At the Paris Motor Show held in late September and early October, Mercedes-Benz officially released the new pure electric car brand “EQ”, and BMW released the new sub-brand iPerformance at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year and the sub-brand i series released earlier. The two strongest car brands among the world's luxury car brands have established the direction of “electricized” cars.

In addition, Audi, one of the top three German luxury brands, has not released an electric car brand, but it is the only brand that gives sales expectations. "After 2025, one quarter of Audi's models will be pure electric vehicles." Steader, chairman of the management board of Audi AG, recently released a new energy vehicle strategy at the Audi brand summit in Shanghai.

In fact, the electric motor war started when Tesla appeared. At that time, only BMW responded to the high-end pure electric vehicle market, and successively launched two electric cars, the BMW i3 and the i8. "At present, zero-emissions are easier to achieve with pure electric vehicles. BMW has a long and strong layout. Mercedes-Benz and Audi have always been followers. After the US emissions gate, Audi is the most urgent in the development of electric vehicles." Secretary-General Cui Dongshu told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the German luxury car top three has stood at the commanding heights of traditional cars. Once the electric car companies such as Tesla form a climate, they will undoubtedly have a subversive blow to the top three Germans. BMW Mercedes-Benz and Audi are now laid out in order to seize the commanding heights of electric vehicles and not give Tesla a chance.

The top three Germans meet the zero emission policy

From September 27th to September 29th, the 2016 Audi Brand Summit will be staged in Shanghai with the theme of “making change”. Delayed in the action of pure electric vehicles, Audi finally couldn't help but Steader announced that by 2020, Audi will provide at least three electric cars. Audi plans to have a pure electric vehicle for every four of its models by 2025, which is a challenging goal.

On the first day of the Paris Motor Show on September 29th, the traditional car giant Mercedes-Benz released the brand new pure electric car brand "EQ". EQ should not only be regarded as a Mercedes-Benz electric car sub-brand, it represents Mercedes-Benz's understanding of the future electric travel mode, electric is the platform, and intelligence is the core. Like Mercedes-Benz's existing model naming system, Mercedes-Benz's new sub-brand EQ models will also use EQA, EQC, EQE, EQG, EQS naming methods to distinguish different levels.

Undoubtedly, BMW has finally waited for Audi and Mercedes-Benz after the launch of the new sub-brand BMW i-series, which represents new energy vehicles and next-generation mobile solutions, and the launch of the iPerformance, a plug-in hybrid model at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016. Late comeback.

Perhaps coincidentally, the Chinese government and the German Senate followed closely to express their attitude towards the development of new energy vehicles. Li Keqiang, the premier of the State Council, even said that it is no longer an approval for new industrial vehicles to promote the development of new fuel vehicles, and to promote the development of new energy sources, which is conducive to the rapid development of independence and is a major positive for the development of the industry.

"Now electric vehicles do not form a climate. The German top three have entered the electric vehicle field and have many factors to cater to the policy." Cui Dongshu told the "Securities Daily" reporter that compared with other technical routes, pure electric is undoubtedly the most easy to achieve zero emissions. The direction of the development of new energy vehicles, the German top three standing at the commanding heights of traditional cars can not be lost.

The top three Germans seize the traditional car market in China

"Tesla's success in the US market shows that the direction of electric vehicles is the way to go. The US market has the meaning of the global automotive market direction." Cui Dongshu told reporters that Tesla is growing at a very fast speed, BMW, From the early test of water to the clear direction of Audi, Mercedes-Benz has seen the principle that “the application of new technologies in automobiles generally follows the breakthrough of Europe and the United States and the implementation of the Chinese market”. The Chinese market cannot be lost.

"Securities Daily" reporter noted that from 2010 China overtook the United States to become the world's largest automobile consumer market, the main battlefield of the German top three has already begun to transfer from the United States to China. Audi announced in 2010 that China has become Audi's largest market in the world. BMW announced in 2013 that China surpassed the US to become its largest market in the world. After many years of efforts, China became the first Mercedes-Benz passenger in 2015. The world's largest market for cars.

From the wind of electric cars in Tesla's first electric sports car Model S in 2012, BMW also announced the launch of a new sub-brand BMW i in the same year, and launched the electric cars i3 and i8 in 2013. The direct competitor is Tesla. Model S. “BMW new energy vehicles are developing very rapidly in Norway, the Netherlands and other countries, and even in short supply. In the European market, sales of new energy vehicles have accounted for about 4% of total BMW sales. Global market sales of new energy vehicles in the first half of this year. The proportion is about 2%.” Kang Siyuan, President and CEO of BMW Group Greater China, said at the Chengdu Motor Show in early September this year that the cumulative sales of the BMW i3 and i8 have reached 70,000 since its launch in 2013.

"From the very beginning, the main battlefield of high-end electric vehicles is in the United States. BMW must produce the best technology in the United States, such as the carbon-fiber body i-series electric car." Cui Dongshu said that in 2012 the Chinese government has clearly defined the direction of electric vehicle development. But for BMW and Mercedes-Benz, when testing water electric vehicles, the meaning is even stronger. The march is the Volkswagen consumer market. Mercedes-Benz joint venture with BYD in 2010 and launched its first pure electric vehicle in 2014. The sales situation is not satisfactory. BMW announced in early 2013 that it will establish a new electric vehicle brand “Zeno” in China, and in 2014. The Novo 1E listed at the beginning of the year is only for the rental market.

Accelerating the deployment of electric cars this year

As the Chinese government tightened the requirements for energy-saving and emission-reduction of automobiles, and clarified the target of 5 liters of fuel in 2020 and the goal of 5 million new energy vehicles, the German top three had to re-examine the strategy of new energy vehicles in China.

At the Chengdu Auto Show in September, BMW had three BMW 6 new energy vehicles on the market. At present, in the Chinese market, BMW has three BMW i3 models, two BMW i8 models, two models of the BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid, and eight models of the BMW X5 plug-in hybrid. The new BMW X1 is made in China. Plug-in hybrids will reach 9 models. In terms of charging services, the BMW Group has established 1,000 BMW Instant Charging? Public Charging Piles in China, which will increase to 1500 by the end of the year.

According to the planning of the BMW Group, BMW will introduce plug-in hybrid technology in the future, and will be named “BMW i Electric Performance”. The model will have the “BMW iPerformance” logo.

In the past, Audi, which has been slow in the field of electric vehicles, launched the Audi A6L-tron, which will be launched this year, and the Q7 e-tron, which will be introduced to China, after the launch of a plug-in hybrid Audi A3Le-tron last year. In 2018, Audi will launch the first electric SUV, which will have a cruising range of more than 500 kilometers. By 2020, Audi will provide at least three electric vehicles. By 2025, one out of every four Audi models is a pure electric vehicle.

On the contrary, Mercedes-Benz is still embarrassed in developing electric vehicles. This year's Paris Motor Show released the "EQ" brand's first model, the Generation EQ concept car, which was officially mass-produced in 2019. Mercedes-Benz plans to launch 10 plug-in hybrid new cars by 2017, and will also accelerate the localization of hybrid models.

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