In the midst of the transformation of 2016 LED lighting in various fields of application summary

As far as the current environment of LED lighting is concerned, the whole industry is in the process of persisting in the transformation, which is the only way. In 2016, lighting companies are looking for their own high-margin sub-blue ocean market and special application areas, such as plant lighting, intelligent lighting, automotive LED, UV LED and IR LED, etc., to take the differentiated route and avoid the red sea competition of blue LED. The concept, technology update and transformation breakthrough accelerated, and the industry began to break through from the local breakout. Plant lighting is a combination of modern biotechnology, intelligent equipment and information technology, and it can be planted without soil or sunlight. It can solve environmental problems, food problems, energy resources problems, and aging. One of the basic technologies for the gap between the rich and the poor has become a hot spot in the current global high-tech research in agriculture and a special application area that lighting companies are optimistic about. From the achievements of the intelligent LED plant factory to the national 12th Five-Year Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition, to the self-developed plant factory intelligent control system, plant LED products exported to the United States and Singapore, etc.; from plant growth lamps to large plant factories; from government, scientific research Institutions led the enterprises to vigorously promote the industrialization of plant factories and actively explore business models; from the start of the night, less experience, to China to obtain a major breakthrough in the key technologies of intelligent LED plant factory; from the laboratory to the application of agricultural parks, homes, supermarkets, Schools, urban communities, urban buildings, abandoned factories, deserts, salinities, Gobi, seabed, and can provide food self-sufficiency for aerospace engineering, the moon and other planetary exploration; from the lack of talents in the system to master the structure of the plant factory to the organization From agricultural lighting training, Japanese plant factory study tour; from the nobody care about plant lighting to 2016, there are about 100 artificial light plant factories in China; from cultivation of leafy vegetables, fruits, flowers to cannabis herb, spices and other high value-added crops; Philips, Osram, Cree and other large enterprises continue to introduce plant lighting L ED to Sanan Group, Guangmingyuan, Hongli Optoelectronics, Zhongshi Chuang and other layout plant factories and related products 2016, can be said to be a breakthrough in the development of plant lighting. At present, the plant plant has invested a lot in the early stage, and it needs technical accumulation in plant cultivation and many fields. It has great cost challenges for many new entrants, and it also faces some bottlenecks in the actual development process. But its market prospects are unquestionable. If you want to enter, please take a place early.

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