Attention! Four to four guidelines for novices to drive

I believe most coaches will have various driving requirements when they learn to drive a car. At the beginning, when Xiao Bian was learning to drive a car in a driving school, he would be paralyzed as long as he did not follow the driving rules. Now think of it, the coach's cares and hardships are to ensure that we will drive in the future to drive a good road. At the beginning of the drive, most drivers were obeying regulations, but after a long time they had various rules and penalties. Therefore, novice drivers must pay attention to various driving habits. Let's take a look at what new drivers need to pay attention to when driving.


First, novice drive four do not

1. Do not use emergency lights indiscriminately

Emergency lights can only be used when the visibility is low and the vehicle is stationary, or when an emergency occurs in the vehicle. Ordinary heavy rain or cloudy open emergency lights, open your front and rear fog lights on it. Don't look at other drivers on the road when you open. In the event of heavy rain, everyone was driving an emergency light, in case one of them was a bad car parked in the middle of the road, the rear car could not be identified, and the security risks were too great.

2, do not chaotic step on the throttle and brake

On the normal road, the speed will always increase or decrease. The throttle and the brakes are best not to be stepped on, otherwise it is easy to speed or setback. According to the increasing number of vehicles, the duration and depth of treading should be reduced. Fortunately, downhill roads, traffic jams do not use the throttle, brakes on the line with light weight. Uphill section on the accelerator on the red, step on the brakes to stop, especially easy to setback, their own experience is poor, let alone passengers.

3, to drive a good attitude, do not put gas, do not worry.

Some old drivers take advantage of the good technology. They don't want to change lights by changing lights, flashing lights, etc. Don't worry. To protect yourself from safety first, be willing to be squashed and not panic.

4. Don't discuss the problem with the passengers. It's easy to miss something when you go.

The novice should try not to discuss the problem with the passengers, tell which direction the navigation tells, and tell you directly. Try not to talk about letting you sink in, otherwise the head will think about delaying for a second or two to hit the guardrail... As far as the road is going wrong, it will be wrong. It will come back to the road and be safer than stopping.

Second, novice drivers need to develop four good habits

1. Driving on the road is definitely not as slow as possible, driving at the right speed. When conditions permit, near the speed limit. Keeping up with the speed of the overall traffic flow can ensure relative safety while ensuring road traffic efficiency.

2. It is a good habit to wear a seat belt to drive a car. Most car owners are fined by the police for not wearing a seat belt. A fine is a trivial matter. If an accident occurs, it will only hurt even more.

3. When driving, make decisions with determination. Don't hesitate. For example, if you look good from front to back or from side to side, there is room for overtaking, so hurry up, because other drivers also need to make decisions. You are decisive and help others make timely decisions.

4, to maintain a certain distance, novice to drive, all kinds of driving methods are not particularly suitable. Keeping the distance between vehicles can give the driver enough room to respond. If the front vehicle suddenly brakes suddenly, the rear vehicle will not be easy to hit with a certain spacing.

Editor's Note: There are many good habits for novices to drive. Xiao Bian just lists some of them for your reference.

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