From LED lighting industry leaders to price standard setters

In 2012, the LED industry was in the midst of a fierce battle. With the continuous emergence of national and local policies and the gradual deepening of the industry, the strong people stand tall and the weak are raging. As the largest packaging company in China, Mulinsen Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mulinsen) has shown amazing energy in the new round of competition, taking the lead in channel construction, quality control and price guidance. In order to face the market situation of LED products, quality has become the most important weapon to maintain corporate image and ensure the healthy and orderly development of the industry. Mulinsen adheres to the philosophy of pragmatic and honest enterprise and is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. They have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to introduce the most advanced LED automatic production, R&D equipment and process control technology from abroad, and the improvement of production automation and R&D level has pushed Mulinsen to the high-end quality and high-efficiency rapid development stage. At the same time, Mulinsen actively seeks technical cooperation with foreign manufacturers and formally forms a strategic partnership with Philips Lumileds. Lumileds specializes in supplying high-quality LED chip products according to the high-end positioning of MLS. In addition, they have also worked closely with the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute to solve many structural technical problems such as structural design, design, and thermal design of LED lamps. As we all know, the problem of white light attenuation and heat dissipation is the biggest bottleneck in the development and promotion of LED. Mulinsen has set up a special R&D team to use the world's highest quality metal materials and resins with high heat dissipation properties, combined with self-developed anti-aging process to effectively solve the problem of white light attenuation and heat dissipation. After this life lighting test shows that the product illuminates 10,000 hours, the attenuation rate is less than 5, far higher than the industry standard. In the short period of more than four months since March of this year, Mulinsen took the lead in recruiting and quickly laying out channels. It has established 18 logistics companies and more than 400 prefecture-level city distributors nationwide. The speed of the woods that is eye-catching in the industry. More than a dozen roadshows have been held in Changzhou, Linyi, Hangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Chongqing, Beijing and other cities. During the road show, Mu Linsen turned against the industry's normal state, and changed the investment as LED lighting training class to a purer The way to popularize and promote LED lighting to dealers who previously focused on traditional lighting is an urgent need for dealers to switch from traditional lighting to new LED lighting, and help dealers to develop detailed marketing plans, channel expansion, and profitability. Expectations and other plans. This seems to be unintentional, but it has a different path. The marketing rights of Mulinsen's products are expensive. On June 18th, at the Green Responsible LED Summit Forum in Wuhan, Mulinsen also threw huge offers. The 16W T8 fluorescent lamps were reduced by 27, and the bulb series products were also greatly discounted. The maximum price reduction was 36. The comprehensive cost performance has become the most important basis for dealers to choose Mulinsen. At the strategic level, Mulinsen created a high-end lighting brand source family, mainly facing hidden channels such as design institutes and engineering projects. In line with the previous Mulinsen large wholesale logistics route, it comprehensively covers the high-end and low-end markets to meet the needs of people at all levels. It now appears that Mulinsen’s dual-brand strategy has begun to bear fruit. Take the Tao as the body and use it for surgery. We hope that China's national brands can work hard in the competition with the world's major enterprises, continue to advance, and contribute to the healthy development of China's LED industry.

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