Yuchai’s Diesel Engine Output Breaks 60,000 Units in April

A few days ago, Yuchai Corporation re-transmitted the high-speed news report: In April, diesel engine output exceeded 60,000 units again, an increase of 33% year-on-year. This is the first time in the history of Yuchai that the monthly output exceeded 60,000 units in two consecutive months.

Since April, Yuchai's sales market has continued its strong momentum in March, and orders have continued to grow. In order to grasp the good market opportunities, faced with the difficulties of supporting manufacturers in production, and the insufficient supply of parts and components, Yuchai Corporation adopted various measures under the guidance of the concept of scientific development to increase the continuous combat capability of the entire production system:

First, to further strengthen information communication and establish a green channel of information.

Second, scientifically arrange production and focus on moving forward. While strictly demanding scientific production scheduling within the company, it shifts the focus of dispatching production to suppliers and does its utmost to dig out potentials and maximize the effectiveness of resources.

Third, adopt a flexible work system and strive to get more rest. According to the actual situation of production, each factory adopts a more flexible way of going to work, and competes for more rest time and equipment maintenance time without affecting production, so as to enhance the ability of employees to continue operations, and to fully capture the production conference. The victory lays a solid foundation.

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