Shaanxi Fast relies on independent innovation

The Shaanxi Fast Group Company, based on independent innovation, has grown from a bankrupt company to the largest company in the world with its leading product sales volume for three consecutive years.

Shaanxi Fast Group Co., Ltd. is China's largest manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicle transmissions. It used to be the Shaanxi Automobile Gear General Factory. It was founded in 1968 and mainly produces heavy-duty transmissions, transfer units, power take-offs, and various automotive gears. Forgings are the key “three-tier” enterprises that the country has established in Shaanxi Province.

Due to the downturn in China's heavy-duty truck industry from 1995 to 1999, Shaanxi Fast Group was caught in an embarrassing dilemma on the verge of bankruptcy. Li Dakai, general manager of the company, told reporters: "At that time, the company was forced into a desperate situation. I think that apart from independent innovation, we have no alternatives to developing new products that adapt to the market."

To this end, from the late 1990s onwards, the Shaanxi Fast Group established a technology research and development center dedicated to new product development, perfected the gear research institute and technology research institute, and kept a close eye on market changes and the world’s leading edge in transmission manufacturing. Technology, vigorously develop new products with independent intellectual property rights, and actively cultivate new economic growth points. The company began to regain market recognition, and since 2001, there has been a clear improvement.

To innovate independently, there must be a group of technical talents that have accumulated over a long period of time. Li Dakai said that in order to retain technical talents, Shaanxi Fast Group did not stop sending technicians' salaries even when it was the most difficult and even the wages of its employees could not be issued. It also gave technical personnel certain subsidies. At the time, the top technicians had a monthly subsidy of up to 200 yuan, followed by 100 yuan, and the least was 50 yuan. These subsidies did not even include corporate leaders. Finally, through various means, the company has retained all its technical personnel and has prepared enough talents for the company's re-emergence.

Wang Shunli, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Fast Group Corporation, which is responsible for corporate technology research and development, told reporters that after 1999, the company relied on this stable team of technical talents and successively developed a series of new transmission products. The company's own heavy-duty transmission products with independent intellectual property rights have been developed into more than 20 series and hundreds of varieties. It has achieved full coverage in the 4 to 16-speed heavy-duty transmission field. The key technologies and core technologies of some independent innovation products have reached the international level. Advanced level. At present, the company has more than 400 researchers, and the company has the ability to build a national-level engineering research institute. Now this work is intensifying.

In order to better stand out among its peers, Shaanxi Fast Group also proposed that independent innovation must also grasp the “market node”, that is, new products can not only meet the needs of users, but also for users who do not ask Enterprises can also introduce new products and guide them. If the domestic automobile emission standard is switched from State 2 to State 3, the Shaanxi Fast Group organizes scientific research personnel to take the lead in the nation to develop a more fuel-efficient and more stable 12-speed, 16-speed multi-gear transmission for heavy-duty vehicles. All the colleagues flung behind.

Since independent innovation captures every market opportunity, Shaanxi Fast Group’s heavy-duty vehicle transmission currently accounts for more than 80% of the domestic market, and its sales volume has ranked first in the world for three consecutive years. By March of this year, the company’s monthly production has also returned to the highest level in history, smoothly out of the shadow of the financial crisis.

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