QK series shallow sampling drilling rig

Qk series of shallow sampling rig is mainly used in geology, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, transportation, building materials, construction, environmental protection and other industries, light weight, easy to move, high drilling efficiency, suitable for air foam drilling, DTH Hammer drilling, multi-media reverse circulation drilling, mud positive circulation drilling, long spiral non-circulation drilling, high-speed diamond drilling and other drilling processes, drilling rig stability and vibration resistance, quick drilling, easy operation, Conducive to the advantages of field single-machine construction operations.

This series of drilling rigs was successfully developed in 2006. So far, more than 50 drilling rigs of qk-10, qk-50, qk-100 and dr-150 (qk-150) have been developed. The products are sold to Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan, More than 20 provinces in Gansu and other countries have achieved excellent drilling results and have been unanimously recognized by users. Among them, the qk-10 drilling rig obtained a good result of 17-meter drilling in Xiamen; the QK-50-type vehicle-mounted drilling rig achieved good geological effects in the drilling survey of the Siziwang geological survey in Inner Mongolia, and realized the morning opening. The high-efficiency record of the final hole in the afternoon is much lower than the shallow well and trench exploration construction, and the damage to the grassland vegetation and ecological environment is reduced to a minimum; the dr-150 (qk-150) drilling rig is drilled by the air reverse circulation process. The efficiency is over 100 meters.

 DIRECT Cabling Machine


Energy conservation : power demanded is 1/3 import Direct Cabling Machine .greatly reduce power exhaustion of unit product.(single spindle environmental protection motor drive or belt collective drive .Two types can be option);

Convenient adjust :adopt flexible and stable inside ,outer tensioner ,it′s convenient to adjust the tension ;

Simple operation:outer yarn thread by pneumatic ,hand brake .Reduce labor strength and improve production efficiency ;

Compact structure :machine height is medium ,convenient to remove yarn and change yarn .less floor space ,improve ;workshop rate of utilization;

Reasonable composition :air duct and yarn through channel are assigned accurately ,ensure the machine nice appearance .


Applied Yarns

It is applied to twist nylon ,terylene ,tire cord yarn ,various industry yarn and carpet yarn.

Direct Cabling Machine

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