4.10/3.50-4 Heavy Duty Solid Tire for Trolley/Wheelbarrow

Model NO.: 4.10/3.50-4
HS Code: 87169000

Product name: PU foam wheel
Diameter: 4 inches
Use:trolley,wheelbarrow wheels ,caster wheels and other moving machine use.
Tubeless, puncture proof and flat free.

1.Multifunctional using: Go Kart, Wheelbarrow, hand trolley, pallet cart, sack truck, garden machine etc.
2. Heavy-load capacity
3. Pattern: Line pattern. Herringbonepattern. Lug pattern. Comb pattern. Diamond pattern and so on.

5inch 5'x1.5'
6inch 6'x2'
8inch 8'x2.50-4
9inch 9'x3.50-4
10inch 10'x3.50-4, 10'x3.00-4
11inch 11'x2.50-6, 11'x3.50-5
12inch 12'x3.50-5, 12'x3.50-6
13inch 13'x3.00-8, 13'x3.25-8, 13'x4.00-6, 13'x5.00-6, 13'x2.50-8, 13'x6.50-6
14inch  14'x3.50-8, 14'x4.50-6
15inch 15'x6.50-6, 15'x6.00-6
16inch 16'x4.00-8, 16'x4.50-8, 16'x6.50-8, 16'x4.80-8, 16'x7.50-8,
18inch 18'x8.50-8

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